Simple Web 2.0 Tools for Halloween Lessons

halloweenweb2.0tools edited

It is this time of the year again! Many students are really enthusiastic about Halloween, and none of them would like to just have a usual lesson. Thus, it is imperative to deliver a Halloween-themed lesson in the classroom. But what happens, when you do not have enough time to prepare something special and want to keep students engaged at the same time?

As many of us (educators) know there are many Web 2.0 tools that are there to make our life easier. Below are three examples of such tools that can be used quickly and efficiently so as to keep students engaged in the classroom.

The teacher could start with a video lesson on Teacher Tube. On this website, which is similar to YouTube, the teacher has got absolute control of the content that the students are watching. Therefore, the students here could watch an informative video on Halloween, without the hustle of popping ads. The teacher can actually create such lessons or find relevant ones to the specific level of the class.

After Teacher Tube, the teacher could use Educanon, which is an excellent tool for taking or creating video lessons and video quizzes. It takes just over a minute to set up a free account and you can start creating video quizzes. There is also a search function which can offer many different Halloween video ‘bulbs’.

Finally, after having utilized Teacher Tube and Educanon, the teacher can get students to take small quizzes on Kahoot, providing the students have got access to smart mobile devices in the classroom. Once again, setting up a free account in Kahoot is very easy, and it also allows teachers to create their own quizzes. Therefore, the teacher can create a Halloween quiz which tests general knowledge about Halloween by entering engaging images, sound or even video. Alternatively, you could also search in the Public Kahoots section where you should be able to find many quizzes that are about Halloween.

All in all, the above sequence of activities would cater for many different learning styles (i.e. visual, reading, auditory, kinesthetic ) due to the variety of the tools used. Also, many of the stages of Bloom’s learning taxonomy are also addressed in such way. Ideally, the students remember and understand new knowledge through videos, and apply and analyze such acquired knowledge through the use of video or Kahoot quizzes. Note, that there are also web 2.0 tools that would also help address the evaluation and creation stages in Bloom’s learning taxonomy.


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